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Problems accessing Shockwave, Flash or Java content on Intel Macintosh computers
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Some applications allow you to add functions using “extensions” or “plug-ins.” An example of this would be using Flash, Java or Shockwave in your web browser. If a plug-in or extension isn’t working, it might be incompatible with your computer. For example, some software is designed to work on a PowerPC-based Mac and not on a new Intel-based Mac. If you have an Intel-based Mac, check the manufacturer’s website to make sure your software works with Intel-based Macintosh computers.

If the application wasn't designed to work on both Intel-based Macintosh computers and PowerPC-based Macintosh computers, an extension or plug-in might work if you open the application in Rosetta, which translates PowerPC applications to work with Intel-based Macs.

To open an application in Rosetta:

  1. Quit the application if it is open.
  2. In the Finder, select the application and choose File > Get Info.
  3. In the General pane, select “Open using Rosetta.”
  4. Open the application.
More specifics about Flash, Java and Shockwave

  • Shockwave is not currently Intel compatible and will need to be ran with Rosetta through your web browser
  • Flash and Java are Intel compatible and will not work with Rosetta turned on.
  • If you need to use all these products you will need to remember to turn Rosetta on and off as needed.  
  • A better solution might be to use two web browsers i.e. Firefox and Safari. Use one with Rosetta enable and the other as normal.   

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