New Ticket Tracking System
Posted by Lindsay Vogel on 12 August 2022 11:22 AM

In the past, technology support requests were routinely entered into a ticket tracking system called Fusion. Fusion allowed us to route your requests to the appropriate personnel, and it gave you a way to transparently check on the status of your requests. The company that makes Fusion was recently acquired by another company, and we took that opportunity to perform an exhaustive search for alternative solutions that could better meet our needs. This fall, we will be transitioning to a new system called TeamDynamix (TDX). It’s a very popular ticketing system in higher education, and we expect it will help us to maintain a high level of customer service. Moving to a completely new product will offer some challenges. You may notice that some things look or behave differently, and it may take Technology Services staff some time to familiarize themselves with the new interface and processes. After August 15, a link to the TeamDynamix dashboard will be available on the Technology Services website (, where you can get a firsthand look at this new system. Support-related emails from Technology Services will also be coming from TeamDynamix–so please expect them to have a different look. We thank you in advance for your patience during this transitionary period, and we look forward to supporting you with the help of TeamDynamix!

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